What version of Silva is currently on the wiki?

Simple question, yet I don’t see it listed anywhere. What version of Silva are the files on the wiki based off of? Thanks!



Before you ask… :slight_smile: We have attempted to update our version of the SEED, but it doesn’t seem to have really changed with recent releases. The challenge is that SILVA uses SEED sequences that are essentially proprietary.

I saw the thing about the SEED, but didn’t quite understand what that applied to. I think I get it now. Thanks!

Hi Dr. Schloss,

On the announcement for v.1.24, you said “be on the lookout in the next few weeks for an updated SILVA reference alignment”
Also, the files that I just downloaded from http://www.mothur.org/wiki/Silva_reference_files was last modified on 4/22/2012
Does that mean it’s version 108 on the wiki now?

I apologize for asking this again, just want to double-check.
Thank you!

Correct - please see my comment two up from yours in March.