updated database files

Hi, since all the online database are updating their files frequently, some of the files mentioned in the examples in the mothur usage may not be the most recent version.

Maybe it is good to add the address link where people can find the most recent version of those database files.

What in particular do you find is not the most up to date version? Can you tell us where you aren’t finding the links you want? Also, the wiki is a wiki and you are free to register and contribute anything you think would make it better.


Hi,Pat, I’m not sure whether the database files are the most up to date or not.(But I believe most of them should be the most recent ones.) But I just saw all the files are stored as local files from mothur.org domain. I wonder maybe the original link may also be helpful (eg. the link from Silvar or Greengenes etc).

Also, sometimes it is difficult for me to find the original file from those website.