tree.shared error

trying to run tree.shared and am getting some errors

mothur > tree.shared(calc=thetayc-sorclass-braycurtis, shared=bc_bac.crunch7.shared, subsample=1500, processors=4)

Using 4 processors.
You have not provided enough valid groups.  I cannot run the command.

currently remaking the shared file to see if something went wrong with the file-it’s not obviously corrupted (head and tail look normal)

eta: remade the shared file with no problem but tree.shared still won’t run this time just gives “[ERROR]: did not complete tree.shared”

The error message you are getting occurs when mothur thinks the shared file has less than 2 groups. How did you create the shared file?

I used make.shared with the list and groups option. I had a backup list file on another computer so ran make.shared using that list and now tree.shared is working, was just coming back to say never mind apparently the file was corrupted. Not sure what was wrong, the file looked ok


sorry to bring up an old post, but I’m having the same problem when I manually create shared files. I assume this is a formatting issue. Is there any way to make shared files manually without the aforementioned corruption?

thanks in advance

Can you send your shared file to Perhaps I can spot the issue.