MOTHUR BIOM file does not validate, unrecognized by PHINCH

I am trying to explore and make figures based on 16S sequencing data using PHINCH, but when I try to import the MOTHUR-generated .biom file, PHINCH says it is not validated. Similarly, when I run biom validate-table on the output, it says:

Unknown BIOM type:
Timestamp does not appear to be ISO 8601
The input file is not a valid BIOM-formatted file.

I am able to convert the BIOM file into a TSV with biom convert, and converting it back to a BIOM file creates a .BIOM file that biom validate-table says is valid. However, it does not import into PHINCH.

My issue is the same as the one posted here, but it did not receive an answer. Is this a known bug and is there a suggested workaround? I am running MOTHUR 1.48.0 and biom 2.1.14.

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