make.shared = crash

Hey everyone,

I have been having some issues using the make.shared command; I have tried running mother in windows, Mac OS X Lion, and a version that was compiled on Linux Ubuntu… in windows and the Linux versions when I try to use the make.shared command (with a list file and a group file, label=unique-0.03-0.05-0.10) the program runs for a bit and then crashes. At first I thought maybe I didn’t have enough memory on my laptop (using windows, 6GB RAM) so I tried on Mac OS X and Ubuntu; the same thing happens using Ubuntu (on a SMP machine with 12 GB RAM)–the program runs and then crashes. On my Mac (OS X Lion, 8 GB RAM) it did not crash, but I stopped it after >3 days…it seems like that command should not take 3 days to finish (?!). The list file is just under 6 GB, and the groups file is just under 3 GB, so I figured that having 12 GB of memory would be enough…

Does anyone have any suggestions?