Getting Started

Hi All-

I’m struggling… I’ve used mothur in the past for 454 analysis, but that was quite a few years ago. I don’t want to admit how long it took me to actually open mothur in the cmd.
I’ve got a new data set from Illumina. My sequencing center gave me files ‘fastq.tar’ and ‘fasta.tar.gz’. Needless to say when I start from the beginning with make.file I get no where.
Help! I’ve browsed through previous posts and can’t find anything.


Hey Anne!

Have to unzipped those files?

You can unzip the tar.gz file with:

tar -xvzf file.fasta.tar.gz

and you can unzip the tar file with

tar -xvf file.fasta.tar

Hope that helps!


I figured that out and ended up using 7-Zip to unzip.
Started with my make.file and make.contigs and not having too many issues!
I’m a little rusty!
Thanks for your help!