Error message in make.sra command


I am trying to use the make.sra command and am getting the following error and segmentation fault which quits mothur:

mothur > make.sra(file=RZF_MI.files, project=rhizfun.project, mimark=RZF_MI.txt)

[ERROR]: MIMarks file is missing group , please correct.

Segmentation fault: 11

I used the following command to make the mimark file:


then edited the mimark in excel.

I verified that the groups in the mimark and the .files are the same. Not sure what is causing this. I am using mothur v1.41.3

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the mothur community! I would like to help you resolve this problem. Are you seeing this error in our current version, If you are, could you send your file file, project file, mimark file and log file to so I can trouble shoot the problem for you?

Thank you for the reply. I updated to the latest version of mothur and the command worked. Thank you!

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