catchall on windows


i fellow 454SOP and run Alpha diversity. I am in catchall step.

here the information I got

mothur> catchall(

processing group MID09.hap18SF

CatchALL version 4.0

input file: C:User\Mothur.win_64 \mothur\
output file: C:\User\Mothur.win_64 \mothur
Input data file must have more than one row
End of Analysis
[ERROR]: the catchall program did not run properly. Please check to make sure it is located in the same folder as your mothur executable.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Mothur’s catchall command is a wrapper for the catchall program. The “Input data file must have more than one row” error comes directly from the catchall program. This error from catchall indicates that for group MID09.hap18SF all the OTUs have the same abundance. Catchall cannot process that group. If you want to run catchall on the other groups you can use the remove.groups command,, to remove group MID09.hap18SF as follows:

mothur > remove.groups(, groups=MID09.hap18SF)