vsearch-based chimera detection?

Hi All,
If I’m seeing things correctly, it looks like vsearch is now part of mothur!? This is great news, and it leads me to a (hopefully) simple question. . .
Is mothur now hunting chimeras with uchime-denovo from vsearch, instead of uchime-denovo from usearch?? If so, is there a new command for this?
Sure would be nice to have it running in 64 bit. . .
-Adam Mumford

Hi Adam,

That’s in the works :slight_smile:


Wonderful! I’m looking forward to v1.38. . .

Hi, my question may be out of place but would it be possible to know when this will be released? Anyway, also one of the people here who will benefit from this feature. Can’t wait. Thanks.

Looking forward to testing this out!