chimera checking uchime vs vsearch

Now that you have vsearch in mothur, should I switch? It should be faster, right? Does it give similar results (finds the same sequences as chimeric)?

To be honest, we haven’t tried it out yet on a benchmarking dataset. I’ve never been sold on the claims that usearch is all that slow.


alrighty, guess I’ll give it a try and see how it compares

Hi, I´ve seen the last version includes vsearch for windows users. These posts are rather old, so I´d like to know if by now there is any recommendation as to which one is better? or if both should be used and in that case, how to combine the results to remove the chimeras found?
Thank you!

I think I did a head to head just to see if I got roughly the same number of chimeras identified but didn’t check wall time (I have a few datasets where chimera checking took longer than clustering because of over sequencing some really diverse samples). I switched to vsearch

Hi, chimera uchime taking long time. i am getting 22h for single group. Is it normal if so can i increase speed to check chimera…