unifrac.weighted: count table error


While running the unifrac.weighted command I get the following error message:

mothur > unifrac.weighted(tree=otus.phylip.tre, count=otus.count_table, distance=lt, processors=4)

Using 4 processors.
Name: OTU_1772 is not in your groupfile, and will be disregarded.
[ERROR]: Your count table contains more than 1 sequence named OTU_1772, sequence names must be unique. Please correct.
error with lc
*** glibc detected *** mothur: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x0000000001774830 ***

The count table only contains 1 sequence named OTU_1772, however. I have created the tree file using mothur, but I have created my own count table in excel (and subsequently saved it as a tab-delimited text file) based on the examples provided in the SOP (since I didn’t build my otus using mothur). I suspect that this might create the error somehow, but I can’t find a solution and it would be great if I could use mothur to obtain Unifrac distances. Therefore, any tip would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a formatting issue. If you send your files to mothur.bugs@gmail.com I will take a look.