truncated seqs ID in Mothur 1.13.0 when running align.seqs

Hi Pat,

Im using Mothur 1.13.0 in Windows environment and when running align.seq, the a lot of the ID’s seem to be truncated. I didn’t have a problem with the previous version (1.12.3). Here is an example of what’s going on.

unique.fasta input ID’s


unique.align output ID’s


I was also wondering if there is a way to get older versions of Mothur just in case unexpected bugs that were not present in earlier versions appear in later versions.

PS. I have seen also another coworker having this same ID problem but with when using trim.seqs

I met the same bug. Please deal with the trouble,thanks! :frowning:

Thanks for reporting this bug. I fixed it and posted a new windows executable to the wiki.