accession numbers truncated

The first character of the accession numbers in my FASTA files are being dropped in all of my output files.

align.seqs(candidate=test.fasta, template=reference.fasta, align=needleman)

reference.fasta is the Greengenes reference alignment.
test.fasta and the results are attached.

For instance:


As a workaround, I am now prepending an additional character to each accession number.

I am using mothur v1.11.0, compiled with OpenMPI 1.4.2 support on 32-bit Linux.

Update 2010-07-30: I am still experiencing this problem on v1.12.1. I’m now on 64-bit Linux and have recompiled with and without MPI support.

This problem occurs only when compiled with MPI support.

The dist.seqs command isn’t affected by this problem.

Update 2010-08-11: This is still a problem with v1.12.3. Others are also reporting this issue. See post truncated seq IDs after filter?

Thank you for reporting this bug and providing so much detail. I was able to find the problem and the fix will be part of 1.13.0.