Silva v138 full file from Mothur Wiki

I downloaded the Full-length sequences and Taxonomy file from the wiki. When I unzipped the file, there is no file extension and Mothur is unable to use this file for align.seqs. Do I need to follow the process in the to make the .align file for this reference?

The unzipped file is ~6.9 Gb and I am working from a Windows computer if that is useful.

Any help would be appreciated!

How did you extract the silva.nr_v138.tgz file? Windows can be notoriously finicky when extracting tgz files. When the file is properly extracted it should like this:

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.26.34 AM

The one I downloaded was just .gz so I used the command gunzip to extract the files. I ended up using 7-zip to extract files again at another recommendation which I was able to access the files that way. Any other suggestion for how to extract the files in one command would be appreciated though.

I would recommend re-downloading the file because it should be in .tgz format. If it isn’t in this format when downloaded then it isn’t properly being extracted. How did you originally download the file?

Once you have a tgz file then you will want to follow the instructions for extracting a tgz with 7-zip. I’m not sure what your terminal setup is on your computer but typically with macs and linux you would use the following command to extract a tgz file:

tar -xvzf Silva.nr_v138

Depending on your setup, you may or may not have the tar command.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been working on a Windows computer using Ubuntu, so I should be able to use that command.


If you have the wget command on Ubuntu you can download the file in the directory you want with this:



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