Segmentation fault

I have tried to classify otu and end up in segmentation fault. What could be the reason, kindly let me know! Please find the following command which i used,
classify.otu(list=/Users/anpoosak/mothur/GH_ITS/ControlVsMyco_ITS/GH_ITS2.list, name=/Users/anpoosak/mothur/GH_ITS/ControlVsMyco_ITS/GH_ITS2.pick.trim.names, taxonomy=/Users/anpoosak/mothur/GH_ITS/ControlVsMyco_ITS/, label=0.03)
reftaxonomy is not required, but if given will keep the rankIDs in the summary file static.
0.03 946
Segmentation fault: 11

Are you using our latest version? If so, can you email your log file and input files to so I can take a look?