get.oturep taking too long...

Hello sage people.

I have been following MiSeq SOP to analyze my data from Illumina sequencing (only 3 datasets) and just after using ‘cluster’ command to get the OTUs I want to find out which of the sequences included in each OTU could be considered as the representative one. So I ran the command ‘get.oturep’ as follows:

get.oturep(column=current, list=current, name=current, fasta=current, cutoff=0.03, label=0.03, large=true)

But the analysis stops at approximately 84% and seems not to go on.

Is there anything I have inputted wrong?
Is only a problem of patience?
More information about my previous work with these datasets is needed?

Thanks a lot

You are likely running into memory problems. Can you try method=abund?