Error message

When running trim.seqs, I get the following message:

Appending files from process 45432
[ERROR]: Could not open
[ERROR]: LP2-Fares.fna45432.num.temp is blank. Please correct.

What does it mean?

Thanks a lot

It looks like one of the processors encountered an error while running and quit. What version of mothur are you running?

I am getting a similar error message when I run align sequences ‘.unique.align23808.num.temp is blank. Please correct.’. I am running the latest version of mothur on a linux server system. Is this a way to correct this error?

Usually when one process dies it’s because of an error in the input file. Can you try running align.seqs with processors=1 to confirm?

the alignment runs okay if I limit it to one processor. I found the problem - I didn’t have enough memory so the alignment files couldn’t be saved. Alignment size was 13gb and I only 9gb storage space free.