error during make.contigs, please help

I made the list.files file using the names of the fastq files. I then do the make.contigs command and it goes on until it stops at some Errors:
Could not open ./Schloss\P\Oyster-Oakland-17_S17_L001_R1_001.1ffastatemp
Could not open ./Schloss\P\Oyster-Oakland-17_S17_L001_R1_001.1fqualtemp
And so on… additionally I can’t seem to find these files in the folder, perhaps they weren’t made correctly or at all?

This presents a problem later on when these reads are skipped because it couldn’t find a pair. So it skips a lot of contigs and then crashes.

Please help.


It looks like you both types of slashes in the filenames, ‘’ and ‘/’.

It can open and process most files, a few of them do not process. I had the slashes in the test run and they seemed to work fine. The ./ notation just seems to signify the current working directory.