Command completion crash

mothur commands issued by using command completion with the tab key cause mothur to crash with a segmentation fault.

For example:

Explicitly typing the command below works
% mothur > summary.seqs (fasta=my.big.file.fasta)

But hitting tab to fill in the various parts of the file name causes the crash.

Seems like it might be a readline bug.

mothur v.1.8
64-bit compile
Mac OS X 10.6.3

Question: when you hit tab, for example while filling out “summary.seqs(fasta=my.big.file.fasta)”, does it put a “./” in front of your filename? Like "summary.seqs(fasta=./my.big.file.fasta)?

I’ve continuously gotten segmentation faults whenever I put “./” in front of my files so far on MOTHUR 1.8. Or is using tab on other parts also causing a crash?

This is fixed in the next release, which I’ll be posting tomorrow.