Auto-complete issues in windows 10

Hey everyone,

Been playing around with MOTHUR and the cmd prompt for a bunch of sequencing files I’ve received. Using windows 10, it appears there’s a bunch of discrepancies between how mothur works on my computer vs. the Mac that my colleague is using.

The main annoyance is that the ‘tab’ key doesn’t work for auto-complete; it just moves the text forward. The same thing happens whether I access MOTHUR directly, through the CMD, or through git.

Any suggestions? Any way to just run the Mac version of mothur on Windows 10?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, there are things that are beyond our control. You may be able to run the linux version on Windows if you install bash, but that’s beyodn the type of support we can offer here.


Thanks for the feedback – better to know than to keep rooting around for a solution that’s not there!!

Perhaps this is then a request for a feature in future updates… although at this point, I’m so sick of Windows 10 that I think it’s finally time to switch over to Linux.