anyone met this problem?

Mothur in my machine has done lots of excellent work.
But today, after alignment, when doing summary.seqs, mothur just halt with a screen info. “using one processor…” ,
for this info. I’ve been waiting neary one hour,which seems abnormal, is there anything wrong? :?:
Thank you for any advice.

Could you post the version of mothur you are using and the exact summary.seqs command?

THANK YOU,Westcott.

the mothur version is 1.27 for windows,and the operation system on my pc is windows 7.

I’d done all the tasks as to the SOP except ‘erro analysis’ successfully, yesterday I tried another way of processing data, in general,simplifying the process, only do ‘trim.seqs.’ and ‘unique.seqs’ before the alignment, my alignment output file was so huge, that is, 6.7G, so is the large file the reason for halting?
the summary.seqs command is ‘summary.seqs(fasta=HDTHNV.trim.pick.unique.align,name=HDTHNV.trim.pick.names)’.