Chimera.vsearch v2.11.1

Hi… I try to run chimera.vsearch in mothur. but error message appears:

[ERROR]: vsearch version found = T,. Mothur requires version v2.11.1 which is distributed with mothur’s executable or available on github, please correct.
[ERROR]: did not complete chimera.vsearch.

I use a new release version of mothur v1.42.0 that is supposed to include vsearch v2.11.1. Anyway, I followed the suggestion to download vsearch v2.11.1 from provided link and replace the previous vsearch.exe with the newly downloaded But the same error message appears.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reporting this issue. The vsearch program changed their output file format in recent releases. We in turn modified mothur to work with the new format. To insure mothur is being run with the correct version of vsearch we added a version check. This check was not working correctly for the Windows version. I have corrected the issue and the uploaded a new Windows version to github. You can download it here,

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