chimera.uchime crash with Mac 10.5.8


I am trying to run uchime within mothur v.1.27.0 on a Mac 10.5.8.
I am testing with the Uchime example.

I get the following error:

mothur > chimera.uchime(fasta=./UchimeExample/stool.trim.unique.good.align, name=./UchimeExample/stool.trim.good.names)

Using 1 processors.

uchime by Robert C. Edgar
This code is donated to the public domain.

Checking sequences from ./UchimeExample/stool.trim.unique.good.align …
dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
[ERROR]: Could not open /Users/leah/mothur/UchimeExample/stool.trim.unique.good.uchime.chimeras

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

I also just encountered this same error while trying to run uchime. I am running mothur 1.27.0 on Mac Os 10.5.8.


I uploaded a new version of with an updated version of uchime. Want to give it a try?

I downloaded the new version off the website and Uchime appears to be working.

Thank you for your help!

Works great, thanks!