CatchAll summary.files

Hi, I am just a begginner in mothur so I had some difficulties with the command and output. I runned the catchall command with a shared files but I don’t understand the output files.

For example the first par of the summary files :
label group model estimate lci uci
0.03 AMWTF8 SingleExp 335 3,57143E+11 0
0.03 AMWTJ10 TwoMixedExp 1041 84414161507 0
0.03 AMWTM9 TwoMixedExp 517 9,04187E+11 0
0.03 AMWTN7 TwoMixedExp 474 6,53406E+11 0
0.03 AMWTN9 TwoMixedExp 256 3,04465E+11 0
0.03 AMWTO8 TwoMixedExp 695 3,54459E+11 0
0.03 CFWTF8 SingleExp 243 84 0
0.03 CFWTJ10 TwoMixedExp 737 2,84848E+11 0

First I wanted to know if the lci and uci values should be the same as the Lower CB and Upper CB, because the values are the same in the summary files and the “AMWTF8”_BestModelsAnalysis.csv but different in the “AMWTF8”_Analysis.csv.

I am also surprised by the values of these intervals that seems incorrect but I don’t known were I made an error.

Thanks for your help

That is weird - can you send your shared file to