Taxonomy levels

Hi Guys

Got my classify file and an example line would be

GAKP9UA03GQYTRS01|4965|3 Bacteria_100 Firmicutes_100 Clostridiales_100 Johnsonella_et_rel._98.9 Johnsonella_et_rel._97.8 Ruminocoocus_49.1 Ruminococcus_productus_45.1 unclassified unclassified unclassified unclassified

Does any one have a full list of what taxonomic level each entry hits, I know the 1st to 3rd (Kingdom, phylum, class) but where are we heading after that?



ps thanks to all who helped with the group file issue

It goes Domain, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

…with the occasional sub-Order, sub-Species, etc.

You can also compare it (or use) the RDP classifier @