Summary.single to calculate alpha diversity

I ran this command summary.single(shared=otus.shared,calc=ace-chao-shannon-simpson-coverage,groupmode=f),
but I got some results show that lci value is higher than hci value,
I feel confused about that, lci value should be lower hci value, shouldn’t it ?
Anyone could help me and thanks.

Can you post an example of the output?

An example of the output below:

The zero probably means that there was a divide by zero issue. Considering the Chao column is the same as the sobs column and your coverage is so high, I suspect you won’t get much value from Chao.

OK, I will consider sobs instead of Chao.
Thank for your kind reply.



Pschloss via mothur 于2020年1月17日周五 上午4:33写道:

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