segmentation fault - make.contigs


I am using the 1.36.1 version of mothur and I am getting a segmentation fault when running make.contigs on fastq.gz files:

Processing file pair trimmed_2_R1.fastq.gz - trimmed_2_R2.fastq.gz (files 2 of 374) <<<<<
M03742_14_000000000-BNJ5K_1_1102_16619_1766 is in your forward fastq file and not in your reverse file, please remove it using the remove.seqs command before proceeding.
Making contigs…
Segmentation fault

As far as I am aware, this version of mothur should be able to cope with missing sequences (which are as a result of removing sequences prior to inputting into mothur).

Many thanks in advance for your help on this issue,


Can you update your version of mothur? That’s a few years old - we’re up to 1.40 now and I suspect these bugs may have been fixed in the mean time.