read.otu - error message in groups file


I am trying to do the read.otu command with a data set of 517 sequences. I repeatedly get errors related to my group file. The latest is " :Error: Sequence ‘16s20M6-08D03533FH05.ab1’ was not found in the group file, please correct.", yet when I open my groups file and look at it, the sequence name is there, just like all the others. I have had this error before, and still have not figured out how to get beyond this step. I created my group file in excel, using the sequence names found in my good.filter.fasta file, and saved it as a tab delimited text file. I think all the names match up between my fasta file and my groups file. Any suggestions? Thanks. Lorraine Olendzenski

Are there spaces or odd characters in any of your sequence identifiers? Are there any duplicate sequence identifiers?
I know the wiki has an FAQ, but perhaps the forum needs one as well. I’m fairly certain we’ve seen this question before…