read.otu error message

I am analyzing 454 sequences and I have ~ 5000 sequences in 12 groups. I followed the analysis described for the Sogin dataset.

mothur > read.otu(list=Atacama.unique.pick.filter.fn.list, group=Atacama.pick.groups, label=unique-0.03-0.05-0.10)

I get the following message:
Your group file contains 39300 sequences and list file contains 35460 sequences. Please correct.
For a list of names that are in your group file and not in your list file, please refer to

The does not contain any name (see attached) and I this point I do not know what to do.


Would you mind sending the logfile and your list and group files to

Thanks for the files, it seems the problem lies in your group file. The group file mothur needs for analysis consists of 2 tab separated columns. The first column holds the sequence name, and the second column contains the sequence’s group.

For example:
AY457912 A
AY457911 A
AY457910 A
AY457909 B
AY457908 B
AY457907 B
AY457904 C
AY457903 C
AY457902 C