Processors used by mothur software

I am using mothur software on the following

  1. Mac OS
  2. Windows
    My question is about the processors used by mothur software.
    In the below pictures, in device specifications, it say 2 processors. So mothur software will use only these 2 processors?
    And How can I know about the available processors on mac?
    Capture 1

if you do not specify processors, Mothur will check how many logical processors you have and will use them all. In your logfile you should be able to see how many processors mothur is using.

In you PC, I would assume that the logical processors = 4 (with two physical processors).

in iOS, I am not familiar with. Still, mothur by default will use all the available processors unless you specify anything different with the processors= command.

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In Mac, I did not specify any processors while running commands on mothur. It showed “Using 8 processors” when each command was run later. So I assume that in my mac there are 8 processors. I have reached this conclusion.

Hi Hira - that’s correct. It will use the 8 processors unless you specify somethign different.


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