problems with trim.flows command

Hi, mothur team
I’m using the latest version of mothur and I have tried trimming of my sequences, all the sequences get scrapped.
The command is:
mothur > trim.flows(flow=0460_min200_c.flow, oligos=0460.oligos, pdiffs=2, bdiffs=1, processors=2)

Output File Names:

mothur > shhh.flows(file=0460_min200_c.flow.files, processors=2) [ERROR]: 0460_min200_c.flow.files is blank. Please correct.

my oligos file like this:
barcode ACACGT 4000
barcode ACGTAC 4001
barcode ACTGCA 4002
barcode AGAGTC 4003
barcode AGCTGA 4004
barcode AGTCAG 4005
barcode ATATCG 4006
barcode ATCGAT 4007
barcode ATGCTA 4008
barcode CACAGT 4009
barcode CAGTCA 4010
barcode CATGAC 4011
barcode CGATAT 4012
barcode CGCGCG 4013
barcode CGTATA 4014
barcode GACTAG 4015
barcode GAGATC 4016
barcode GATCGA 4017
barcode GTACAC 4018
barcode GTCACA 4019
barcode GTGTGT 4020
barcode TACGTA 4021
barcode TAGCAT 4022
barcode TATACG 4023

Any ideas what the problem may be?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Could you send us the flow file and your oligos file ( and we can take a look. Often this happens because people don’t have the correct barcodes and/or primer sequences.