Problem with get.seqs

I’m having problems with the get.seqs command (in both v1.8 and v1.9 for windows). When I enter a get.seqs command such as:

get.seqs(fasta=bigdataset.fasta, accnos=smallerdataset.accnos)

I get an error message stating that I should only enter a .fasta or .accnos (but, presumably not both). When I follow this advice and enter just the .fasta, I get a message telling me that I need the .accnos. (I should note that I’m using this command after having set my input and output directories.)

When I use v1.6, everything seems to work fine and I get my .pick file without any problems.

Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention. It will be fixed as part of 1.10.0 releasing later this month. It occurs only if you redirect both the input and output.