get.seqs from list file

get.seqs doesn’t seem to be working correctly with list files.

For example:
mothur > list.seqs(
mothur > get.seqs(accnos=AGSS.accnos, list=Ag_Ss.list)
mothur > read.otu(list=Ag_Ss.pick.list, label=0.01-0.03-0.05-0.10,
Your group file contains 194035 sequences and list file contains 194204 sequences. Please correct.
For a list of names that are in your list file and not in your group file, please refer to contains 169 blank lines (no text at all).

Do you have duplicate names in your groupfile? If you want me to take a look you could send your files to

This seems to be a problem with extra commas left behind/carried forward in the list file.
It works fine after I do a replace all ,\t with \t in a text editor.

This what the list file looks like with extra commas:

0.03 1238 Ag283a08_196_1_1, Lc064a32_3…
0.04 925 Ss064a32_575_1_1, Lp012a…

And after removing them:

0.03 1238 Ag283a08_196_1_1 Lc064a32_3…
0.04 925 Ss064a32_575_1_1 Lp012a…

Thanks for helping us find this bug. It will be fixed in 1.9