Pre.cluster is taking forever

Hello, me again with problems in 1.47.

For my precluster. using the new 1.47, preculster takes forever. For example i use to be able to do

# of unique seqs: 4620021
total # of seqs: 61662310

It took 9177 secs to run pre.cluster.

But with version 1.47: after 24 hours it is still not finished.

# of unique seqs: 4619994
total # of seqs: 61662283

…? untill finished.

Question: Is it because processors are not automatically set to my regular 32? I did set it to 32 at the beginning of the run though.

mothur > set.logfile(name=megacampy_logFile_clustersplit)

Setting logfile name to megacampy_logFile_clustersplit

mothur > set.current(processors=32)

Using 32 processors.

Current files saved by mothur:

Turns out I was missing a count parameter in my first unique.seqs (forgot to update all the code to v1.47).
That was generating a count without group info thus forcing mothur to only use 1 processor, which also caused trouble for my shared file.

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