Number of sequences between names and groups files different

Hi, has anyone else encountered this problem:

I ran a screen.seqs command, and after it generated a names file and a groups file, I checked the number of seqs in the two files:
names: 251063
groups: 251069

I searched around and it seems like this might have been an issue in v.1.24.1
but i was using v.1.29.1

I also tried it with the latest version (1.30), and the number of seqs in the two files were the same.

Just wondering if there’s any solution/suggestions. Thanks so much!

Can you send your inputs for the screen.seqs command to

Hi, thank you for replying!
I just realized that the names and groups file I used for input had that 6 seqs difference to begin with (from the trim.seqs command that didn’t include the groups file), so I trimmed out the 6 seqs manually from the groups file, and now all is good!

Thanks so much anyways!