Mothur Update Problem

Hi :),

I am a new mothur user. I started off with with the Miseq SOP on the mothur wiki page, all was going well up until the get.groups command (get.groups(count=stability.trim.contigs.good.unique.good.filter.unique.precluster.denovo.vsearch.pick.pick.count_table,fasta=stability.trim.contigs.good.unique.good.filter.unique.precluster.pick.pick.fasta, groups=Mock)- the Mock group was not recognized as a group?

From what I have read updating mothur could help with the problem, we are currently using mothur v.1.39.5 on a 64-bit Ubuntu (v.18.04.1) LTS system… I tried updating mothur on the terminal with the assistance of one of the other students with a bit more knowledge than me but to no avail, it said that v.1.39.5 is the updated version.
Then downloaded the updated version from github (source and the file) and followed the steps as described for linux operating systems, but had no success. From what I understand the files contain an executable file and could be executed using the ./mothur command. But the output after the ./mothur command said: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file. No such file or directory.
We checked the computer and libreadline6 seems to be on the computer?

I am not sure what else could be done because I am new to both linux and mothur so I am learning as I go along and have been googling how to solve the libreadline problem.

Do you have any suggestions based on the information provided, please?

Thank you!! :slight_smile:


You need to remove your current version of mothur and replace it with the latest version of mothur.


Hi Pat

Thank you for the feedback, we got it up and running

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Bianca Hamman
MSc Student (Medical microbiology)
Stellenbosch University, Tygerberg campus