One sample causing lots of problems

Hello all-

I’m having a lot of trouble with mothur today. I am following the 454 SOP example and trying to compare 13 samples to one another using the GUI but everything I try gets stopped up on one of the samples. I am trying to run make.shared but I keep getting the error that sequences in my list file are not in my group file. It is always sequences from the same sample. I thought there was some formatting problem with my group file (since those sequences are indeed in the group file) so I attempted to remake the group file again and now mothur will not even do that. The error is that there are more fasta files than group names (which there are not) and that it could be due to an inability to open one of the fasta files. I assume this is the file from the same problem sample.

I have renamed the sample and sequences in that sample in case there was a problem with the names, but they do not contain spaces or unusual characters. The sample is named “RBkgd” and an example sequence name is simply “RBkgd7”. Nothing seems to help. I would love to ignore this sample to solve this problem but sadly, that is not an option.

Help please?

Many thanks,

Can you post the exact commands you ran from sffinfo to make.shared?