Hi :lol:

When I use command “merge.file”, mothur shows me like below.

mothur > merge.files(input=lane1.shhh.trim.fasta-lane2.shhh.trim.fasta-lane3.shhh.trim.fasta-lane4.shhh.trim.pick.fasta, output=lane1234.fasta)
[ERROR]: Could not open lane1.shhh.trim.fasta
[ERROR]: Could not open lane4.shhh.trim.pick.fasta
[ERROR]: did not complete merge.files.

Those files doesn’t have any problem (I think so~).
How can I solve this problem?

If you are using mac or linux can you run the following?

system(ls lane*fasta)

If you’re in windows land can you run the following?

system(dir lane*fasta)

Either of these should be run in the same directory as where you run mothur.