Merging individual sequence files in MOTHUR

Hi all,

I have a bunch of 16s sequences from a study we did a few years ago. It turns out I need to re-anlyze them and I’m hoping there’s a way to combine the individual files into one fasta file using MOTHUR so I don’t have to open each file and copy/paste into a combined file.
I see the merge.files command, but that requires you to specify each file by filename. I have over 1000, so that’s not a real viable solution. Is there a way to use merge.files on a subdirectory? I’m using a linnux based system, so is there a command I could use to do this?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Are they all just fasta files?

cat *.fasta > combined.fasta

Thank you. That worked perfectly. I’m a bit new to linnux, so I’m still learning all the commands. I appreciate your help!