make for 64 bit linux

I was trying to compile the 64 bit source code for my linux installation. I downloaded the source code zip file ( and ran the make command. I get the following error:

node00:[mothur-1.39.5] % make
g++ -DBIT_VERSION -O3 -DRELEASE_DATE="“3/20/2017"” -DVERSION="“1.39.5"” -std=c++0x -DUSE_READLINE -DUSE_BOOST -I ““Enter_your_boost_include_path_here”” -I. -I source/ -I source/calculators/ -I source/chimera/ -I source/classifier/ -I source/clearcut/ -I source/commands/ -I source/communitytype/ -I source/datastructures/ -I source/metastats/ -I source/randomforest/ -I source/read/ -I source/svm/ -c -o source/myseqdist.o source/myseqdist.cpp
In file included from source/mothurout.h:13:0,
from source/myseqdist.h:14,
from source/myseqdist.cpp:10:
source/mothur.h:21:52: fatal error: boost/iostreams/filtering_stream.hpp: No such file or directory
#include <boost/iostreams/filtering_stream.hpp>
compilation terminated.
make: *** [source/myseqdist.o] Error 1


What should I be doing?


In the makefile you need to specify the path to the boost library if you want to compile mothur using the boost library, which by default is true.

You can either specify the correct path to the boost library on your system if you want to use it, or specify that you do not want to use the boost library in the makefile.