lookup files

I have some old FLX data I want to process. However, when I use the shhh.flows command it keeps asking for the lookup_Titanium file. I included the LookUp_GSFLX file, not the lookup_Titanium in my directory folders this was the chemistry used, but mother only want to use the lookup_Titanium file. When I change the name of lookup_GSFLX file to lookup_Titanium or included the original lookup_Titanium file the command runs to the end. What is wrong? Will mothur no longer accept older data from 454 that was not generated by titanium chemistry or am I overlooking something?



did you try using the lookup parameter in shhh.flows?

No, thats probably the reason, should I add “lookup=LookUp_GSFLX.pat” in the shhh.flows command?


edit: I have to add “lookup=LookUp_GSFLX.pat”. Just tried it out.