Issue with venn command

Hello All,

I have a question regarding the venn() command. Is it possible to create a Venn diagram with more than 4 groups?

In other words, I utilized the following command to generate a merge.shared file and then used the output file to execute the venn command.
(The shared file I am working with contains 5 groups.)


As shown, there are 5 groups in my merge.shared file, but the Venn diagram was created for only 4 groups.

Is it impossible to create a Venn diagram for 5 groups?

Please give me a solution.
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Hi there,

mothur doesn’t offer the ability to do more than 4 groups in a venn diagram. A 5-way venn diagram is doable, but its unlikely that we’ll be incorporating it into mothur. You’ll have to figure out the values for the different values yourself.


Hi pat,

Thank you for your kind reply.

I will find another solution.

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Hi pat,

I have one more question.

From the svg file created using the venn command, I was able to obtain the number of common or different OTUs in each group.
But I would like to know what that specific OTU is.

What command should I use in this case?

Thank you for always.