Question about VENN

Hey folks,
i’ve got a shared file with A, B, C and D as groups. then, i’ve performed venn diagram between A and B. Right, so by now i’ve got the number of OTUs in A (605), B (708) and shared between them (312). How can I find those specific 605 OTUs exclusively in group A???

Many thanks.

please note, i need what kind of OTUs are exclusively for that group which are doesn’t shared with group B and not how many OTUs …

Hi Allan,
I believe you could use this command:

This post about the venn and get.sharedseqs commands may also be helpful,

To find otus that only contain sequences from sample A:

mothur > get.sharedseqs(shared=yourSharedFile, uniquegroups=A)

thank you so much both replies

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