How to use set.current?

I don’t understand how to use the set.current command. In the wiki, the last paragraph mentions the “current” parameter but I don’t understand how to use it. I would like to “import” all the contents of the current_files.summary (the last state before closing the previous mothur session) at once but I have found how to do it.
In older forum posts, the command “load.logfile” seems to do just that, but apparently this command does not exist anymore.
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I have found the solution, I simply called the file I had created with get.current before closing the session (and renamed to keep track):
mothur > set.current(current=current_files.summary_2020-04-07)
However, this current file includes a line “” that apparently causes a problem:
[ERROR]: mothur does not save a current file for
The current_files.summary file created by get.current is the same as the current_files.summary_2020-04-07 except for the contigsreport line. The contigs step is much earlier and I don’t think it will have consequences but I just wanted to report this error.

By the way, what are the permissions for wiki editing? I have created a GitHub account in this prospect, but all I am offered is to create a fork of mothur…

You fork the wiki, make an edit, and then come back to our repository and propose a pull request

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