How are mothur names generated ?

Hello there, I’m quite new to the mothur world so here’s my question:

I’m currently trying to make a database in MySQL including the sequence count and the taxonomy from sample and link them to tables that include the patient name and medical information…

Mothur gives names (i.e. M00489_79_000000000-ANMEA_1_1101_10049_2930) for identification of taxonomy and I wonder how these names are generated since I’m gonna recieve more samples in a couple weeks; are the same sequences going to generate the same name ? Is there an option to make the same sequences have the same name so I can merge together the count of them in different samples ?

Thanks a lot

that isn’t the name mothur gave the sequence, that is how it was named coming off the miseq


M00489 machine sn
79 # of run on that machine
ANMEA flowcell
1 lane #
1101 tile

Thanks you for your fast answer.