formatdb fatal error

Hi all! I’m brand new to mothur (and to command line anything actually) and am having some issues. I’m running a chimera check as such:

mothur > chimera.slayer(fasta=Cow3231.16S.rumen.liquids.CAGCT.trim.unique.trim.align,

And no matter how I mess with my data, it always come back with:

Checking sequences from Cow3231.16S.rumen.liquids.CAGCT.trim.unique.trim.align …
Reading sequences from…Done.
[formatdb] WARNING: Cannot add sequence number 1 (lcl|0) because it has zero-length.

[formatdb] FATAL ERROR: Fatal error when adding sequence to BLAST database.
Your template sequences are different lengths, please correct.

I’ve looked through the summary of my sequence data and none are 0 length. So what’s going on? Any help would be most appreciated.

Could you send your fasta and logfile to