Hello All,

The system generates an error message after I run the command : summary.seqs(count=r1.trim.contigs.good.count_table). The error is:

mothur > summary.seqs(count=r1.trim.contigs.good.count_table)
Using r1.trim.contigs.good.count_table as input file for the fasta parameter.

Using 32 processors.
[WARNING]: We found more than 25% of the bases in sequence epresentative_Sequence to be ambiguous. Mothur is not setup to process protein sequences.
[ERROR]: ‘epresentative_Sequence’ is not in your name or count file, please correct.

Please advice.

I am unable to reproduce the results you are getting.

mothur > summary.seqs(count=final.count_table)
You have no current fastafile and the fasta parameter is required.
Unable to open final.count_table. Trying default /Users/sarahwestcott/desktop/release/final.count_table

Using 1 processors.
[ERROR]: did not complete summary.seqs.

Did you run commands before summary.seqs? Could you have entered the count file under the fasta tag? Something like: fasta=final.count_table.

Thanks. I made a mistake.