Design File Errors

I have a design file and i made my shared file from my output from qiime. every time I run the metastat command I get an error of nothing being on my design file. i have remade the design file multiple times and still don’t know the problem.

Hi there - it looks like your group names in the shared file have a hyphen (i.e., “-”) and they have an underscore (i.e., “_”) in your design file. If gettting those to agree doesn’t do the trick, can you post the error message?


i identified the issue in this but I was trying to run the metastats command but with 5 groups and didn’t work and this is my design file. error is missing shared info for the treatment and skipping comparison.

group treatment
SF_1 Wolbachia
SF_5 Wolbachia
SF_7 Wolbachia
SF_8 Wolbachia
SF_9 Wolbachia
SF_11 Wolbachia
SF_13 Wolbachia
SF_14 Wolbachia
SF_15 Wolbachia
SF_19 Wolbachia
SF_20 Wolbachia
SF_43 Wolbachia
SF_46 Wolbachia
SF_58 Wolbachia
SF_63 Wolbachia
SF_64 Wolbachia
SF_68 Wolbachia
SF_69 Wolbachia
SF_75 Wolbachia
SF_80 Wolbachia
SF_83 Wolbachia
1SF15 Wolbachia
10SF15 Wolbachia
16SF15 Wolbachia
21SF15 Wolbachia
24SF15 Wolbachia
33SF15 Wolbachia
50SF15 Wolbachia
54SF15 Wolbachia
58SF15 Wolbachia
63SF15 Wolbachia
66SF15 Wolbachia
72SF15 Wolbachia
80SF15 Wolbachia
83SF15 Wolbachia
88SF15 Wolbachia
107SF15 Wolbachia
131SF15 Wolbachia
136SF15 Wolbachia
169SF15 Wolbachia
179SF15 Wolbachia
196SF15 Wolbachia
201SF15 Wolbachia
6SF16 Wolbachia
12SF16 Wolbachia
22SF16 Wolbachia
43SF16 Wolbachia
47SF16 Wolbachia
48SF16 Wolbachia
58SF16 Wolbachia
62SF16 Wolbachia
76SF16 Wolbachia
78SF16 Wolbachia
83SF16 Wolbachia
131SF16 Wolbachia
140SF16 Wolbachia
160SF16 Wolbachia
173SF16 Wolbachia
176SF16 Wolbachia
178SF16 Wolbachia
193SF16 Wolbachia
217SF16 Wolbachia
108SF15 Cardinium
192SF15 Cardinium
204SF15 Cardinium
7SF16 Cardinium
17SF16 Cardinium
36SF16 Cardinium
93SF16 Cardinium
119SF16 Cardinium
91SF16 Cardinium_Spiroplasma
120SF16 Cardinium_Spiroplasma
141SF16 Cardinium_Spiroplasma
SF_2 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_12 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_16 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_17 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_18 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_24 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_26 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_27 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_31 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_33 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_34 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_36 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_38 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_57 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_59 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_61 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_62 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_76 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_77 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_78 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_82 Cardinium_Wolbachia
61SF15 Cardinium_Wolbachia
74SF15 Cardinium_Wolbachia
105SF15 Cardinium_Wolbachia
152SF15 Cardinium_Wolbachia
189SF15 Cardinium_Wolbachia
44SF16 Cardinium_Wolbachia
96SF16 Cardinium_Wolbachia
110SF16 Cardinium_Wolbachia
115SF16 Cardinium_Wolbachia
146SF16 Cardinium_Wolbachia
228SF16 Cardinium_Wolbachia
SF_3 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_4 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_6 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_10 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_21 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_22 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_23 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_25 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_28 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_30 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_32 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_35 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_37 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_39 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_40 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_41 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_42 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_45 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_47 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_51 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_52 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_53 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_55 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_56 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_60 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_65 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_66 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_67 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_70 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_71 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_74 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_81 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_84 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
12SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
15SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
18SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
26SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
35SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
38SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
41SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
42SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
45SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
46SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
47SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
48SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
55SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
60SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
68SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
87SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
90SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
155SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
165SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
167SF15 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
29SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
70SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
74SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
100SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
104SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
113SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
123SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
127SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
137SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
139SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
148SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
151SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
156SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
174SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
180SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
183SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
188SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
218SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
221SF16 Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_44 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_48 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_50 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_54 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
SF_72 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
187SF15 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
25SF16 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
55SF16 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia
92SF16 Cardinium_Spiroplasma_Wolbachia