count.groups gives wrong error message


Just something minor, the count.groups command complains if you use it with “current” as the group, but works nonetheless.

mothur > count.groups(groups=current)
[ERROR]: mothur does not save a current file for groups
Using current as input file for the groups parameter.
Using foobar.good.groups as input file for the group parameter.
current is not a valid group, and will be disregarded.
You provided no valid groups. I will run the command using all the groups in your file.
T1.CA.A contains 4922.
T1.CA.B contains 7179.
T1.CA.C contains 3286.



I think you wanted:

mothur > count.groups(group=current) instead of

mothur > count.groups(groups=current)

Duh, I mistype that all the time, but usually I notice it…