Count file does not have group info in mothur

I’m struggling with an issue of my group names not being maintained. All I can think is that somehow my group names have an issue with the format? Example below:

_S010396.2 _S010396.2_R1.fastq _S010396.2_R2.fastq
_S010399.1 _S010399.1_R1.fastq _S010399.1_R2.fastq
_S010401.2 _S010401.2_R1.fastq _S010401.2_R2.fastq

When I get the the make.shared command, I get this error:
count file does not have group info in mothur

I have tried various solutions I have found on the forum, but nothing seems to have worked yet.

Thank You!

Hmmm, those file names are not ideal. When make.file does it’s thing it looks for the first _ and uses everything before it to name the group. So if your sequence files start with a _, I can imagine that would cause problems. Can you remove that initial underscore?

Yep, that was it! Thank you.

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